Current Hyundai Owner
Available to currently registered owner of a vehicle distributed by Hyundai Motor America. Offer cannot be combined with Competitive Coupon.
Competitive Brand Owner
Available to currently a registered owners of a qualifying competitive vehicle. Please contact dealer for a list of qualifying vehicles.
Available to Active, Veteran, or Retired: U.S. Military, Coast Guard, Marine Corps, Navy, National Guard, or Reserves.
Recent College Grad
Must have graduated with a Master’s, Bachelor’s or Associate’s degree from a U.S.-accredited college or registered nursing school within the past two (2) years or will graduate from such a school within the next six months and finance or lease a new Hyundai, subject to credit approval, through Hyundai Motor Finance (HMF).
Finance Cash
Requires financing at standard A.P.R. rates, subject to credit approval, through Hyundai Motors Finance. Can Not be combined with Low A.P.R. offer.