I know anyone reading this will find it hard to believe and I must admit that I didn't believe it would be possible either. BUT if you have anything to do with running the sales engine in a dealership you have to read this...

When Rudy Martin told our dealer principle and I that we could eliminate the $12,000-$15,000 per month we had been spending with Zag for years and; get this- replace the volume and increase our grosses by allocating 25%-30% of what we were already spending on Google to a campaign they would manage for us for free and adding a few of their "Lead Converters" on our existing Cobalt website, I laughed. Well wouldn't you?

Skeptical as I was, the potential for saving over $150,000 annually while increasing our grosses was far too much for the dealer to pass up. So, as is usually the case when he makes up his mind to try something, against my better judgment I reluctantly (which is a gross understatement) agreed to try it under 3 conditions: 1. No significant up-front costs 2. No long term contract- 90 days max. 3. It would have to be done on a performance-based fee structure. These conditions would ensure that I minimized the risk and damage when, not if, what I was sure would happen actually took place. Besides, I didn't want to have to wait too long before being able to boast "see I told you so" and run back to Zag with my tail between my legs.

Well, a funny thing happened somewhere between their agreeing to my terms and the "see I told you so". It worked exactly as Rudy said it would. We retained our volume, increased our grosses, without increasing our ad spend, and did it all at a small fraction of what we were paying Zag. But the story doesn't end there. Once I became I believer we set our sites on trying to eliminate other lead providers and their expense. As of this writing we longer purchase leads from 3rd party lead generators like Autobytel, AutoUSA, etc., we also don't advertise on Autotrader.com or Cars.com and generate twice the lead volume from our own website than we receive from: Hyundai, Costco, Edmunds, KBB.com, Trilogy and others combined.

I told you, you wouldn't believe it.

–Matthew Westcott, General Manager Fairfax Hyundai

"Congratulations on winning the AWA for Best Website Merchandising Tools! Your website converters have significantly increased our internet leads and more importantly sales. We delivered 40 units in September and 35 last month as a direct result of your tools. Keep up the great work!"

Steve Travers, Sales Manager, Radley Acura

“If all of my website tools and converters generated even close to the ROI your converters do, I’d be a very rich man”

Kris MacDonald, Internet Sales Director Murdock Hyunda

I want to thank you for contacting me last spring about your great website conversion products. In a couple months, it will be a year since we signed up. Prior to installing your converters on our website, we really struggled with capturing prospective customers coming to our site. We spent a lot of money trying to get them there to check us out and get information, but they would just leave without providing us their contact information. Now we get those same customers and easily convert them into a lead because your tools are so different relative to what the customer sees and experiences on other sites. We've had great success with your products as they are both engaging and great calls to action! Thanks for making us better!